Friday, April 13, 2012


I just returned from an amazing conference last week in Dallas called All Access 2012. It was fun to take our pastoral team along as well so we could get a feel for the ARC a group we will be joining forces with as we begin to plant churches in the days to come. It was three days of great speakers, music and inspiration. It is good to get out of your zone from time to time and hear what others are saying, seeing and doing. I appreciate the heart and soul of this growing fellowship. Here are a few highlights for me...
  • Seeing Marc Cleary from Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge. He is such a special friend and I am so grateful for his leadership and grace.
  • The messages from Chris Hodges (Church of The Highlands in Birmingham)  and Craig Groeschel  (Lifechurch.TV in Oklahoma City) Always challenging and practical!
  • Being with our guys to talk through ministry and our experiences together: Jack Hildreth, Steve Reynolds, Austin Cabello.
  • Being in a church planting environment where the heroes are the guys and gals that are laying it on the line. The ARC is brilliant in this regard. I always leave feeling inspired to thing and dream bigger!

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